Friday, July 13, 2012

A dinner with my former students at Gerry’s Grill

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take a pose with my students outside Gerry's Grill: From Left: Gypsy, Jennelyn, Me, Max, Andrei, Anyah, Jesse, and Rix
Tonight I have set a dinner date with my former students who are now working in Manila. Actually all of them have come from Surigao City, which is also my native town. These students of mine belong to the primary batches taking Information Technology degree at a state college where I am previously teaching some four years before. As pioneering groups, I happen to believe that “first impression lasts” because they have proved something and somewhat created a lasting impression on me. Most of all they are hardworking, talented, and dedicated who also set a high regard for themselves and keep focus toward their personal dreams. Mind you, they are innovative and active especially on class-related activities. Our relationship even goes beyond the school campus because we even consider each other as friends too. Most of them have shared their personal life and struggles to me. Having a humble and down-to-earth attitude I know they will succeed someday, and I my intuition never failed me. Now, they are earning the fruits of their sweat and hardships because they have been doing so well in their own career and path of achievement. I should say they have realized their aspirations in life. And now, I am excited to see them once again and try to know what they are up to after all these years.

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A bit of frustration and a little surprise!

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While my kids are playing with their cousin Max, I invited Jesse at the dining table to share our BRUNCH, a coined term which refers to a meal that is partake between breakfast and lunch, that is freshly prepared by Max’s nanny. We savor some fried fish, hotdogs, omelet, rice, and hot drinks. I am terribly hungry that I like nothing better than stuffing myself with these heavy foodies to give me a head start and quickly gain my much needed energy.

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First day in Manila and first meeting with a little boy

This is our first day. The sun is up and the all too familiar buzzes and motions from every corner seem resurrected the whole metropolitan area but here I am still lazily lying on the floor bed and trying to endure my back that is smarting from the long plane ride the day before. My poor little kids sounding asleep on the left side of me, and deadbeat husband, on the other, are obviously in their dreamland while snoozing off and gaining enough energy for the things we set to do ahead this day.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goodbye Oman and Hello Philippines – when our journey begins

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Tonight we head off to Muscat International Airport along with our Filipino neighbors: Gabby, Enrico, and Eugene. We hire a van from our Omani friend and student, Sami, and left home at 11:00 o’clock in the evening. Being a frequent traveler and “bakasyonista”, we want to be in the airport many hours ahead our flight schedule to have plenty of time in checking in our luggage or perhaps to fix things if something goes wrong. This is one good tip for a stress-free travel.

A little traveler

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last day of work before leaving Oman

For four years, I have been working at Al Musanna College of Technology as Laboratory Instructor shortly known as Technician. It does mean that we have specialized skills to assist lecturers in the classroom. At times we also conduct short term training and lectures especially for skills enhancement and staff development program but mostly we support the college in terms of technical expertise and sometimes administrative-related tasks. I belong to the Educational Technology Center and when I came to Oman in 2008, I was first assigned to a computer laboratory. But after six months (my probation period), I have been relocated to join the special team dedicated to work with the college website ( To keep the story short, I am still with the team and loving my job because it helps to learn the many things i need to keep me updated with the trends and demands of IT. Added to that, I also became part of the eLearning group task to maintain and manage the Learning Management System of the college (

this is my office -that is me at the far end of the room

Anyway, today is the last working day and everyone in campus is so thrilled to get to the airport and take their flight back home. I admit I am one of them. You see we’ve got our tickets long before this school year ends. As our departure day is approaching, we have done nothing except making daily countdown, exchanging plans for summer, and shopping for special souvenir to our love ones. As for me, we are ready a week before with our luggage contents, bookings, and important documents.

The ACT College Gate - Photo Credits from ACT Facebook Fan Page

Normally at the last day of the school year, employees are given consideration by the management to leave the office earlier especially those who have early afternoon flights provided that everything are secured and properly endorsed. Gabby, my room partner,  and I grab this chance and so after cleaning and keeping all important things in the office then giving our keys to the server, we all went home and use the remaining hours for preparation. Thursday morning at 5:30AM, we will be on the plane for Philippines. I am so excited for our 50days holiday break – with travels to Manila, Cebu, Surigao and Siargao.

Note: I also encourage you to take a glimpse of my college located in the northern part of Oman. Come and visit ACT here.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

ETC Farewell Party at Grill House Restaurant

Since 2011, it became a tradition of my department, Educational Technology Centre, to have a special dinner party before the end of the school year. Added to that, the event also highlighted the excellent job made by the employees and gave credits to those who will be leaving the college for good.

But for this year's party, we all head off to Grill House Restaurant located near Naseem Garden. This is a restaurant of the same name where we also held Anyah’s Baptismal Reception in their Seeb branch. The place is quite spacious, properly maintained, and well decorated. We use their functional hall located at that far end of the restaurant that caters to huge number of guests. Our buffet tables serve mostly Indian cuisines like chicken tikka, vegetable rice, mutton biryani and among others.

How to get an OEC from the Phil Embassy – POLO in Oman

Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW) and those who are currently working with existing employment contracts, like me and my husband, need to obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) from the Phillippine Embassy in their jobsite if they wanted to take a visit or vacation back to the home country.

The main purpose of OEC, under the requirement of POEA Rules and Regulations, is to help ensure that Filipino OFWs are properly documented and protected from their employers. Added to that it is also a privilege for these “modern day heroes” to be exempted from paying the Philippine travel tax and airport terminal fee when going back to their jobsite. Likewise, the OEC is used to avail travel tax reduction of OFW dependents from the Philippine Tourism Authority.
Our passport and my OEC

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Annual Dinner hosted by Bahwan CyberTek LLC

My beautiful family and cutee kiddos

We have been living in Oman for more than four years now. For those years, plenty of things happened especially on my job-related work where I was able to acquire new skills, friends, and family. These made me perfectly loving my job and my workplace too.

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