Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Andrei will turn 7

Andrei's 7th Birthday Invitation. He is wearing his favorite BEN10 Costume.

Every parent would always aspire to make the special occasion of their children to be something that is unforgettable and best no matter how it is celebrated, simple or grand so long it can bring joy to their little-loved ones. Birthday is not just a celebration of birth but a celebration of gratitude for a marvelous gift of life. It is one significant occasion that we mostly look forward to and give value each year to create the memories of “happy childhood” that are eventually valuable when kids are all grown up. Good memories are contributing factor on how a person perceived life and most often than not it’s the force to recreate history that once experience in the hands of doting and responsible parents. Parents do the best of their means and sometimes the ability to have the art of personalization can be defined as the best they can give.

Celebrating 7th birthday is something that most people think as special and essential. It is typically the usual age when a kid surpassed kinder years and are expected to enter primary education. It is the time that the kid somewhat exhibits a bit of maturity and starting to have the sense of responsibility. This is also the age where friendships are formed and the social being is in progress. Most importantly this is the year that the kid is more susceptible in keeping the experiences and circumstances keenly in mind therefore memories are now being absorbed.

So when Andrei will turn 7 years old this June 23, his choice for the birthday party was asked. Without hesitation, our son answered “I want a BEN10 ULTIMATE ALIEN BIRTHDAY PARTY”, saying this phrase with high spirit and enthusiasm. Jesse and I gusted into laughter as we never expected that he had really in mind the concept and theme for his forthcoming event. Knowing that it was his heart’s desire, we granted our son’s wish.

We are also excited for the celebration. Balloons, cake, food, favors, pictures, family and friends will complete the gathering of that important day. We made arrangement of the party venue at Taza Restaurant in Al Khuwair, Muscat on June 23, 2011 at around four o’clock in the afternoon.

But for us, no matter how the birthday will turn out, the most important thing is the celebrant himself. The aura of happiness he will exert - the happy face that need not be imposed but just comes out naturally. Likewise, we will keep photos because we believe it’s more that what it shows. It brings back the time of the event - the very existence of memories that sometimes or selectively forgotten.

So for the seventh birthday of Andrei, it is in our hands as parents to make it lucky and want the best to our son.

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY ANDREI. Daddy and Mommy always love you!

you can view also the outcome of andrei's 7th birthday bash.

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