Thursday, February 16, 2012

Visiting Muscat Festival 2012 @ Qurum Park

Muscat Festival Official Logo
February 2, 2012 - Muscat Festival has started a week ago (Tues, 26th of January), so my family and I along with our good friend Enrico visit Qurum Park to feel the rush of excitement along with other spectators for this once-in-a-year big fair. We know the major traffic jams around Qurum Park at the running of the festival and decided to go at early afternoon. But the traffic is still bad when we get there. We roam around the area looking for a good spot to park until the policemen direct us to a parking area near Marah Land Amusement Park.

at the commercial booth area
As the cars are in queue, we notice from a distance a young Omani guy selling parking tickets. We are then in doubt as to how come they’re collecting fees where in fact parking in this place is totally free. Jesse goes out of the car line and wants to head out of the parking area. However, the guy catches our attention and argues that we have to move back and pay the fee. My husband, in his fit of disappointment, have a little argument but eventually we end up parking just near the entrance of the amusement park and we get it for free.

We go through the main gate and pay the festival fee (300 baizas for adults and 250 baizas for kids). As soon as we arrive in the small fountain area, we immediately see a lot of booths for commercial concerns such as Oman Air, Nawras, Omantel, Bank Muscat, Bank Dhofar, etc. I check the Ministry of Tourism booth and ask free Oman map and travel destination guide. I collected materials like this especially for our trips and escapades around the country.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Healthy Are Your Meals? - An Online Quiz from FamilyEducation

As I browse the internet and looking for information and blogs on child nutrition and on how to keep our kids healthy, fit, and safe, I encountered this online quiz from answer the quiz just to check for myself the food that we have prepared and eaten at home and even from outside.

The result is "A Nutritionist Nighmare" !!!!

Whew! This is truly an eye-opener and wake up call for me as I need to review and decide to change and alter our eating habbit and food preparation - mostly fried, saute, with loads of high-fat and sugary content.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dangling our feet into Ain Al Kasfah Hot Spring

Last 15th of December in 2011, we return to Ain Al Kasfah Hot spring for the second time. We have visitors from Ibri, who are my fellow “kababayans” from my hometown in Philippines, so I am a bit of a wholehearted host that I want them to see and experience the therapeutic qualities that the spring’s claim for fame.
The bubbling water of Al Kasfah Spring in Rustaq

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beach Camping in Ras Al Madrakah

sunset in Ras Al Madrakah
My family loves vacation because it is a time for us to do some fruitful activities or perhaps go for out-of-town trips and visit beautiful destinations in Oman. When February 4 and 5 are declared as official holidays, we are so happy and along with our friends we decided to travel further south and camp out for one night in Ras Al Madrakah.

I browse the internet and read blogs about Ras Al Madrakah. The posted pictures are stunningly attractive for enthusiastic tourists because it has a good fishing spot too. I can’t wait to see the place myself and plunge in that gorgeous beach while witnessing the beautiful sunset.

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