Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mom’s love letter to her precious son

Andrei wearing his favorite "twinkle twinkle star" goggles
As a mom, there’s nothing more joyful and satisfying than to see her kids growing up so well. As a way to express my inner feelings, I wrote a special message to my beloved son, Andrei, when he turned 8 years old today (June 23, 2012).

Dear Andrei,

Time has flown so fast that it seems only yesterday I hold you in my arms when you are so tiny and fragile. Your beaming smile is enough to cure the pain I had during your delivery and there is a feeling of content of having you as an angel to our family. Indeed, your coming is enough to keep me and your dad close to each other and develop our love for parenthood. Much more, watching you growing up is even more rewarding because you have become a sweet, happy, obedient, and very loving kid with full of spirit and enthusiasm. You are good looking even then. I guess you are lucky to inherit the good genes that your dad and I have passed on to you.

Back then, exactly eight years ago, at this very moment, I felt a sudden indescribable pain in my back and lower abdomen. The pain became worst every minute or two. I know you were excited to see me and your whole family and it is was a sign that your dad and our family rushed me to the hospital. But something odd happened along the way. My asthma attacked me in the early morning. I have difficulty breathing on top of the enduring pain I am suffering on that instant. Then, I heard your heartbeat slowly in digress. You became immobile and unresponsive. My doctor said you and I were already in distress that I need to undergo medical operation at that very moment. Making sure that it was right time to take you out, an ultrasonography was conducted on me, checking your situation as well as my placenta. It was a relief when the radiologist reported that you were doing fine and my placenta was ripe enough for incision. Maybe you were just regaining your strength as I was preparing myself for the frightening cesarean operation. I kept myself calm and reciting my personal prayers for God to be with us and keep us safe and protected. Surprisingly, at the operating room, all the medical attendants and practitioners were happy and smiling. I guess they were excited too just as me and your whole family. There were five doctors near my bed while I can’t remember the number of nurses in that quiet and cold room. All I can here were soft voices and the beep from the heart monitor. I closed my eyes while a teardrop rolled down my check then someone gently wiped it and hold my freezing hand. It was your grandmamala Ofelia. She was with me – with us. I know she was cheerfully smiling though I can’t see it through while surgical mask covered her lower face. My whole body was motionless and numbed. One nurse told me to go to sleep. But I did not. I waited for you to come out. After sometime, a boisterous shriek enlivened the atmosphere. It was you. Shouting out so loud like “Heaven praise! I am alive”. Then, I thank God and I went to sleep.

Days have passed and you grew into a doting child. In the first four years, your qualities were already evident that amazed even the distant and strange ones. You love to dance in front of people even with your odd steps. When you hold a microphone you sing so well just as your Dadalo or sometimes poorly as your dad. You love to draw and making the wall of your grannies’ home as your own murals. You love to ride in the car especially with your Papalo and in front seat like a big man. You love Jollibee that you keep on asking the “chicken joy”. But one time, you pushed a little kid in the Jollibee playground and ran fast toward me as if you were asking my protection. You love to be hug and kissed especially when you were down and sick. You selfishly say “I love you” to everyone around especially for me and daddy. You love swimming like in the beach even if you turned into a toasted bean. You love to chat and once started your intuitiveness may lead a person to admire your sweetness and loveliness. Did you remember the pretty girls you met during our travels? I have kept a picture of them to help you remember of their lovely faces and act of kindness. I know you are baby then, just exploring the world around you.

Your dad and I made a promise to have ONLY you for many years so that we could focus on your growing and development stage. We wanted to treasure the big as well as little things about you. We wanted to give you the best of everything as most parents do. We wanted you to be our “apple of the eye” and the “dearest to the family”. Truly lucky you were the first grandchild of your grandparents from mom’s and dad’s side. We wanted you to enjoy childhood days and provided the things within our reach. We wanted you to discover the many things that life has to offer. And above all, we wanted you to feel contented as being you all ALONE. So we waited for the time that you will ask for another sibling.

Then, after almost seven years of waiting, your beautiful sister come in a perfect time. She is the answer to your and our prayers. We then witnessed the real brotherhood in you. You love to cuddle her in your little arms. You sing her lullabies when she’s sleepy or crying. You read her wonderful stories. You talk to her even if she cannot understand your words. You share to her your food even if they are not for babies. You simply smile even she smack your face and poke your back. You always give a way for her specially with your fave-toy-of-all – the iPad. Certainly, you are a great brother and loving your sister that much is a satisfaction for us to know that you will be both helping and reaching each other no matter what life sends to both of you.

All of these things about you are enough to make me feel rewarded and contented. I bet I can consider myself a wonderful mom and extend the credits also to your loving dad as well as our supportive families and friends. I cannot forget your usual Q&A with your Yaya Ging-Ging before:

Yaya Ging: What is your name?
Andrei: Andweee
Yaya Ging: Who is your daddy?
Andrei: DaddeE Deecee (Jesse)
Yaya Ging: Who is your mommy?
Andrei: Mommee Yeeyaa (Riah)
Yaya Ging: How old are you?
Andrei: One years old!

That’s my “smart and genius” son! I could not ask for more. God is generous enough to grant us so many precious blessings beyond our dreams. And today, my simple wish is for you to enjoy life and be who you are ought to be. I honestly love you Andrei, and for me, you are always my little baby.


I love you as I always will.

Your constant admirer and lover,

You came out so perfectly good and alive
a handsome baby - this is the photo in his baptismal invitation
Mamalan Ofelia and Dadalo Ray - you see you love to ride on grandpa's big bike.
your mean but loving Uncle RJ (mom's younger brother)
your own little big ride
You love water and the beach
You are a Jollibee Baby
And a Jollibee Kid too
You love to wear this "mom-thing" and you consider as your gear against the enemy
Your deligent Yaya Ging2x who stand as your second MOM when i was abroad
Your great grooves and moves
Your ENCARNACION family with Papalo and Mamala at the leftmost side
You like LILO n STITCH before BEN10
Your sweet tita LITSEL (RITCHELLE is mom's younger sister)
The Pretty Arabian Girl you met at Tarzan's Tree in Disneyland HK
The gorgeous KOREAN girl you allured at the Ruins of St. Paul in Macau, China
The lovely CHINESE girl you chat at HK International Airport
Your BFFs little JM and Ken (about two years ago in Muscat City Centre, Oman

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