Friday, August 31, 2012

Revisiting my "Summer Bucket List"

Our 50 days summer vacation is already over! I have been in two months hiatus from my blogging hobby because I just want to dedicate my time for relaxation and leisure. Though I am happy enough knowing that people keep bumping to my blog because of the comments and messages I received in my personal email. (Hey! they found my posts very helpful and informative).

Anyway, I should say that our holiday break was a wonderful and memorable experience though, costly and sometimes exhausting but what was more important, for me, was the chance being with my love ones specially my ageing parents. Oh gosh, there was nothing good enough than having a good time chatting and coping up the moments we missed with each other.

But before I delve into details about that sweet escape of us, I am glad that I am back to the blogging world again. And here I am ready to share with you and fill your imagination with the lovely and sweet stories of our adventure and journey in my home country, Philippines. For sure, as I unfold tales you will get to appreciate Philippines and my home town Surigao and perhaps you will be enticed to visit these beautiful places in the tropics.

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