Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freeze the desert at Iceland Water Park, RAK

The Snow Mountains
I first learn about Iceland Water Park about a year ago when it was first published in a magazine. I knew it was an awesome water park with so many fantastic rides and attractions. When I stumbled upon their official site, I carefully browsed each page and was really fascinated to visit the place. And so, when we had a chance to spend the Eid holiday vacation in November, I encouraged my family and friends to really see and experience the swimming adventure in Iceland Water Park in Ras Al Khaimah.

We left Abu Dhabi on November 5, 2011 at 11:00AM. Since it was a two and half hour drive, we arrived in RAK at about 2:00 PM. We first had our lunch at the car park outside the theme park because we brought food and bringing of outside food is prohibited.
Having our lunch at the car park

the theme park signage

Outside the theme park you can see the sacred mountain ranges forming the boundary of Iceland. It is somewhat like an extension of Hajar Moutains where you can find a big signage of Iceland that resembles the famous letters of ”Ice Age Movies”. The tip of the mountain is covered with snow and three huge penguins standing above. There’s a big water falls that enhance the appearance of the whole area. It feels like you are really in the north pole or south pole with white and colorful sea lions standing beneath the waterfalls.
My girl friends took a pose with the sea lions

The ticket costs 150 AED for adult, and for kids 120 below 1.2 meters in height. There were many amenities available that cater to the needs of the guests such as rental lockers, rental costume counter, smoking area, toilets, changing area, first aid center, food and restaurant outlet, and a lot more.
at the ticketing area

Because of our limited time, and we stayed in the park until 6:00 in the evening, we’re able to enjoy only some of the magnificent attractions such as:

a. Eddy ponds – it’s a circular pond which current allows you to spin in a spiral motion around the ponds epicenter.

b. Mount Boomerango – if you want a super thrill ride, try this. It is a steep 45 degrees glide that takes your heart and soul away as you skim down and up for a quick escape towards the lazy snow river.

c. Great Tornado – a great way to feel a real-life 360 degrees swirl in a fast speed through enclosed subway tunnel that takes you to the snow river.

d. Mount Fury – an extraordinary ride that is good for one or two persons, and let you feel the fury of nature with its blizzard, snow storms, and thunderstorms.

e. Snow River – a majestic river that circumnavigate around the major attractions of Iceland theme park. Just hop into your floated donut-like vessel, and enjoy the ride as the tidal waters take you to the lowlands and the mountain streams and see the melting glaciers and ranging water falls.

f. Penguin Bay – a super huge arena with shallow knee-length water that holds entertainment for audience. There’s a stage center for live dance and discos. What I really enjoy here is the fun bucket that tumbled a large volume of water once the bucket is full. Another is the tallest water squirts that rotate and spraying water that truly will make everyone gets wet and enjoy.

g. Kids Cove – an ideal and gentle haven for kids and infants. With very shallow water, mom and dad will not worry for their little ones to swim and slide with the baby penguin chicks. My little Anyah and Kuya Andrei enjoy most of their time here.

Although we were not able to ride all the theme park attractions, the time and moment that we had in Iceland is enough to help us unwind and enjoy a different f relaxation.

Eddy's Pond

At Kids Cove

at the Penguin Bay

my fave the FUN BUCKET

Mount Cyclone


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