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Cheers for the good life!
Hi everyone!

Firstly, I would like to thank you for dropping in my blog where you get to read all the stories of my life. I just love to document the important happenings so that somehow when I get older I can easily reminisce the past and help me remember the happiness, pain, achievement, and failures I have encounter in my whole life.

I am a mother of two wonderful kids: Andrei and Anyah. They are precious bundles of joy that make my life complete. I love the idea that they easily carried me away with their spirit and innocence. They are my inspiration to work harder and strive to become a good mother that they can also be proud of.

We are here in the Sultanate of Oman since 2008 after my husband and I got a job in Al Musanna College of Technology located in Al Batinah region.

Working and living abroad is indeed one of the most transforming experiences in my life where we get to live on our own while being away from our families and love ones. But I love to push myself to make our life as interesting and rich as possible and making this country almost like our own second "home".

I do have a lot of things to do in life.

I love being a mom and taking care of the whole family. I regularly read and browse other blogs and online articles specially on home and lifestyle, parenting, and nurturing healthy relationships. The tips and ideas are truly helpful but sometimes I try to reinvent on what I think is most appropriate for my own family. Likewise, i will also share inspirational and motivational stuffs and musings on smart parenting, smart spending, and raising excellent kids.

I love food it is my fascination even when I was a kid. From time to time I will post in my blogs the recipes that I have practiced countless times. When I became a mom, I started making homemade desserts, dishes, and cuisines for my husband and kids. Perhaps, this is a way for me to show my love to them. As they said you can get someone’s heart through their stomach. ^_^

I also like to travel and experience thrill and adventure so I keep on reading travel blogs and searching for ideal destinations in the world and in Oman. Once I'm interested, the destination will surely become part of my a-must-visit-places. Jesse and I simply love the idea of exploring and discovering the hidden natural beauty and experience the country's rich cultural heritage. For this blog, I will post our travel escapades so that enthusiastic travelers may get an idea on majestic wonders of Oman and other countries too.

I also love making stuffs particularly on arts and crafts. When I was a little kid I simply collect tin cans, used papers, strings, and other used items and turn into something useful for fashion, decoration, and gifts.

My hubby Jesse is passionate with photography which I think will eventually influence me as I also love capturing magnificent scenes and wonderful moments into still pictures. If I will pursue with photography my focus will be on people, children, and landscapes.

There will be more things I want to do and experience in terms of fashion, music, movies, art works, and everything. Because life is too short, and there is much out there to be done. Surely, you will find these "things that spice up my life" in this blog.

Hope you learn something from me as you browse along the articles written in this blog and gently spread the value of sharing thoughts and ideas!

Happy blogging people.


Mommy Riah


  1. I apologize for spoiling your blog like this, but I wonder if you might be able to tell me about Musanna. I have an opportunity to move here, but cannot find much information. I would sincerely appreciate your time.

    1. Hi Alexander!

      It's not a problem on your query about Al Musanna. Well, this is a small place located about 116 kms. NOrthern of Muscat. The nearest town is Barka which is abt 20-30 kms from there and Rustaq about 35kms towards to interior. Life here is simple because basically Musanna is a remote place. There are only limited shopping centers and no entertainment place. I donno where you are going to work here? Do email me at riah_e@yahoo.com if you need any kind of help there. Take care.


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