Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beach Camping in Ras Al Madrakah

sunset in Ras Al Madrakah
My family loves vacation because it is a time for us to do some fruitful activities or perhaps go for out-of-town trips and visit beautiful destinations in Oman. When February 4 and 5 are declared as official holidays, we are so happy and along with our friends we decided to travel further south and camp out for one night in Ras Al Madrakah.

I browse the internet and read blogs about Ras Al Madrakah. The posted pictures are stunningly attractive for enthusiastic tourists because it has a good fishing spot too. I can’t wait to see the place myself and plunge in that gorgeous beach while witnessing the beautiful sunset.
the road map

On Friday, the 3rd of February, we leave Muladdah early in the morning at about 5:00 o’clock so that we will reach the campsite in noon time. Ras Al Madrakah is about 732kms away from home but we did not worry because the road is wonderfully constructed. We take the Muscat-Bidbid-Al Mudaybi-Adam-Muhut- Duqm-Ras Al Madrakah route and stop in Adam to have our cars fueled and also take our breakfast in a nearby Turkish Restaurant.

At 1:30 in the afternoon we arrive in Ras Al Madrakah. As we move down the concrete slope, we are captivated by the scene of naturally created landscapes that surround the long stretch of white sands beach gently lap by crystal blue water.
beachfront in Ras Al Madrakah
On northern side is where you can see the black-ophalite-rocky mountains while on the southern part are three headlands.
the rocky mountains in further north of the beach

three cliffs found in the southern end of the beach
As soon as we park, we instantly go to the beachfront and take some pictures. The area is truly gorgeous – a haven that is at par with world-class beaches because the sands are so fine and soft. I wonder if any major hotel companies are planning to put up hotels and resorts in this location maybe ten or fifteen years from now. But as of today, the place is inhabited by only few beduoins that live by fishing and raising goats.

After taking lunch and having a short nap, Anyah and I change with our swimwear.
Anyah in her swimwear
This time, it is windy and the sea is little bit rough but I still wanted to swim. My son and husband are already swimming hours ahead of us. My baby Anyah was frightened by the sound and sights of the waves. She is crying when I try to dip her into the cold water.
anyah and me in the beach

So, I bring her back to the shore then gently pour seawater into her feet instead. I also let her stand on the sands while my husband take pictures and videos of us. As a mother, I wanted my girl to have a wonderful moment as it is her first experience to swim in the beach. Apparently, my instinct is right because the next thing I know Anyah has started stumping her feet against the sands and really enjoying what she is doing.

anyah is enjoying the beach

my lovely family
Everybody relish in the late afternoon. Some are playing cards while others are cooking dinner.
enjoying in the late afternoon

the guys are playing cards

our dinner
Other campers also play beach soccer while some people simply sit down on the beachfront waiting for fish to hook into their rods, just like what my son Andrei did the next morning.
Andrei enjoys fishing
When it is about to get close to sunset,  I open the zip window of our tent and peacefully gaze at the lovely scene especially when the sun is about to descend behind the three headlands. It is indeed a picturesque sight!
A beautiful scene
the survivors
At dinner time we put up a campfire while we gobble down the grilled fishes and chicken barbeques. We sleep earlier but in the middle of the night, Jesse and I were awakened by the strong winds that almost disfigured and lifted our tent away. Sadly, my beach umbrella was blown away to the beach and out into the Indian Ocean. We kept ourselves warm by using sleeping bags and for my kids to feel comfortable and have a good sleep despite of the uneasy situation.

early morning, the wind is so strong that you can see one side of the tent almost touch to my hubby's face.

It is already seven in the morning when we all wake up but the wind is still strong that makes cooking for breakfast really difficult. We put down our tents so that they will not be destroyed and waiting and hoping for the wind to calm down. However, we are hopeless not until at about ten o’clock Jesse and Gerry decided to find a higher place where we can take our breakfast and lunch at the same time and just leave some of our camping gear and belongings for a while.

Ironically, just after lunch the strong winds disappear and the weather becomes calm and tranquil. We hurriedly pack up and keep all our things and leave the place as we plan and get to Muscat before it is too dark.

Though we are not able to continue swimming or walking along the shoreline in the morning, I am still happy and feel rewarded of being able to visit the place which I happen to see only in the blogs.


  1. I like this exploration too most especially camping. Tc always mam and sir jess


  2. thanx rix.. Yes going around Oman and trying adventure-kind of activities is worth doing. Oman is a wonderful place waiting for many visitors to explore its beauty.

  3. hi! super love ur adventure! my bf and i had a chance to go to Nizwa last year and enjoyed a little of Muscat. Our trips in Oman were limited since we don't have our own car. So roaming around with public transpo was already an adventure for us.

    now that he has a driver's license-minus-the-car, [we can rent a car anyway..:)] we want to continue our adventure. However, we don't have a reliable person to ask about other nice places in Oman. Good thing that I was able to see your blog site, but I haven't finished reading all the articles. I just want to ask if you had been to places near Sohar? coz we want to start from there, since we only have one-weekend-a-month to roam. by the way, i am living here in dubai. my boyfriend's accommodation is in shinas.

    appreciate any advice from you. God bless.


  4. Hi chu,

    thanks for visiting my blogsite. Traveling around Oman is really a kind of adventure worth doing. Yes, we've been to Sohar but haven't really explored the northern part. Because we prefer the beach and coastal side so we normal travel southern part during holidays. If you want to know more about wonderful places in Oman you may buy a book Explore Oman or Off road Oman (which we had at home). The book contains adventure trip and ideas that are really fantastic. or else visit the website of Oman Tourism at
    Hope i have shared something to you. There's nothing beat the fun and enjoyment of going around Oman esp with you love one! Enjoy the trip!

  5. hi! thanks for the info. we really can't rely on the web sis. we want reliable sources to explore the place, and thanks to you. hope we can visit the places you'd been on eid. hope we can have more days off during that time. i love the adventure and the relaxation i feel when i'm in oman compared to the buzzling city of dubai. hope i can meet you and your family someday. we don't have acquaintances in oman so we travel alone.

    God bless you and your family sis...

    1. Yes, i would love to meet you in person and perhaps my husband and i can accompany you to many great places in Oman esp in Muscat area. Just drop a message to my email and surely i will spare my time for our escapade. Have a nice day!

  6. hi girl!

    we were able to visit Sur last eid. we went to turtle beach resort and stayed there for 2 nights & 3 days! we stopped and dipped our feet at the bimmah sinkhole (i love the ticklish feeling as fishes came to my feet), visited ras al jinz & saw the nesting process of the turtles, dropped by wadi tiwi & wadi al shab (but did not try trekking, we want to try it in the winter though)..thanks to ur blogsite, it helped us on our journey...we want to camp in the winter but afraid of doing it just the two of us...hope we'll find a great company next the way i overlooked ur msg and just saw ur email add...we always visit mutrah corniche whenever we are in muscat..:)we cant make it in eid al adha since we are going to have our church retreat that time...but looking forward to a long weekend in november! thanks again sis! God bless...

    1. Sorry for the super late reply. Just got a lot of things ive done during our vacation trip in Phils from July to August. Anyway, it was nice to know you've done a super wonderful adventure of a lifetime. And so happy that you find also my post helpful during your trip. I must say i am a bit envy because i havent been to wadi tiwi and wadi shab which i believe are one of the must-visit-places in Oman. And i guess, we are setting up for another road trip and camping escapade this November during the long holiday. So keep the high spirit for fun and adventure.

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