Monday, March 26, 2012

Where to Eat in Muscat - T.G.I. Friday's

Food and dining has gradually lured people toward Muscat as a viable destination for those who have great appetite and even the most demanding foodies. Today, variety of cafes and restaurants are flourishing around the city with the chef’s crafted fabulous menu boasting dozen of dishes made from carefully selected ingredients and offer fantastic cuisine from India, Turkey, Lebanon, China and Oman.

One of my favorite among these many classy or modern in-house eateries is the T.G.I Fridays Restaurant found at the heart of the city in Al Khwair area near the City Season Hotel. I have been to the place numerous times and I am always delighted with what I ordered and tasted.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A day of play and fun at Oman Naval Base Sports Complex

Today is the schedule of the ever first Women Sports Day of Al Musanna College of Technology. We are bit excited because it is held at the Naval Base Sports Complex in Tharmad which about 7 kilometers from my college. Most people know that Oman Naval Base is a fully restricted area and getting access will require good connection and approval from someone who has the authority and power from the inside. Fortunately, we are granted permission to hold our sports fest activity for 6 hours in the sport complex.

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