Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visiting Bimmah Sink Hole (house of demons)

The Bimmah Sinkhole
November 26, 2011 – Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, we arrived at Bimmah through a wonderful  highway. After we saw the sign 'Hawiyat Najm Park', we turned in and there we saw hundreds of cars and vehicles parking nearby. Like these travelers and holiday makers, we headed to this spot for the Eid Holiday getaway.

For first time tourist and visitor, you wouldn’t expect that there’s a sinkhole in the fenced off Park area from the outside. I think they made a park within so that people can have time to enjoy and have picnic with their families and love ones. There’s a toilet/change-room at the entrance gate provided for guests. But there’s no food stalls or restaurants so better bring your own snacks and water. The park entrance is absolutely free!

Inside the park more people have now congregated. We just decided to take a quick peek at the hole then have our lunch at Ras Al Hadd later.
The Sinkhole at the entrance view
We all gasped as soon as the breathtaking site came into view. There’s the Sinkhole!

It's a vast and stunning underground cave with underwater tunnel that connects river with the sea that's 500 meters away from the distance. Apparently, the emerald green color is a result of the salty sea water mixing with freshwater. The sinkhole, that’s 50 meters wide and 20 meters deep, was created when the limestone ceiling naturally caved in and the unstable layers collapsed. But the locals say that a piece of meteor fell to the earth and made this huge hole. They call the place Bait Al Afreet which means "house of the demon".

One should be careful in getting down and going up on this steep stairs.
There's a steep stairs to take you down and swim. With the huge number of people the limited space was filled up quickly.

A number of tourists and travelers
Like good tourists, we took snapped photos of the impressive views. We sat down at the last steps of the stairs and observed others.

all of us the stairs edge.
Some young boys made an acrobatic jump and swam into the freshwater, while being watched and applauded by the audience.

these two young locals were enjoying jumping and swimming as being watched by people
The water is warm and clear. Once you dangle your feet in, small fishes nibble your skin and one person I asked told me that he “enjoy a tickled-like feeling and it's therapeutic”.

Emerald green water
I definitely want to go back here and not during holidays to take a dip. If you plan a trip to Sur, stop for a while at this place and surely you would really be impressed!

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