Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My 32nd Birthday at Manumah Beach

Fortunately my birthday falls in between the Eid Al Adha holiday and we have family guests from Riyadh, KSA to celebrate with us. On one hand, our guest, Shaun, is also invited for an overnight camping in Manumah Beach by his former work colleague who works in an airline company in Oman. The schedule date happens to be my birthday. I’m happy because for me it’s like “hitting two birds with one stone”. We can go swimming and meet new friends all at the same time, on my birthday.
my melted birthday cake

Days before my guests’ arrival to Oman, Jesse and I scout the beach’s location in Seeb. We want to make sure that it can be perfectly fine and ideal for swimming especially we have little kids. The sand is not so refine compared to other beaches we have been to. But, gladly, it is near to a residential village called Manumah and very accessible to the city proper as well as to the highway. There are also gazebos readily provided for public use. I take several pictures of the beach and send to my friend Elle, Shaun’s wife, for her to see it beforehand. I also advise them to bring camping gear like tents, sleeping bags just in case they want to camp out.
the view of the beach
The morning of the 28th, after breakfast, I cook food and I prepare some of our beach wears. However, just for no reason, I don’t feel like camping at that moment, all I want is to swim and stay there up to late evening. So I told Shaun, my kids and I will just go home later then Jesse will get back to join them for the overnight camping. And he agrees with me, because as much as he wants to, he prefers to sleep at home and get more rest for our adventure the next day. But he is bit ashamed to turn down his friend’s invitation and cannot do anything but to spend the night in the beach.

We arrive at 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. We are warmly welcomed by Basti and his wife Patty along with their three adorable kids- a girl age 9, a boy age 4, and 3 months old baby boy. Another family, Mark with his wife and two daughters also joined with us. Mark, Basti, Shaun, and Elle are former workmates in Lufthansa Technik in Manila. But now, Mark and Basti are currently working in Oman Air while Shaun and Elle are now connected with Riyadh Aviation in KSA. It is a small world, indeed, for these fellows. They happen to meet up once again not Philippines but here in Oman instead.
my son and friend EJ swimming together
It is a fun and relaxing the whole afternoon. The kids are having their own good time in the beach, swimming, running, playing, and making sand castles. We grilled pork and chicken. Eating and Chatting. For mommies, the center of our chat is about raising kids and parenting style which we share our own personal funny experiences and nerve-wrecking moments. While daddies talk about their working environment and office colleagues. Then, Elle take out the ready-made birthday cake. She lit the birthday candle and asks me to make a wish. Anyah and I blow the candle together while everyone sing a birthday song. I’m so touched and happy. It feels like I am a young girl once again!

Not until 8:00 PM that Mark and his family bid goodbye. They will drive to Musannah (which is our place) and stay in the Millenium Hotel after they have availed the hotel promo of 75 Omani Rials for a family room per night. When they left, daddies begin to assemble the very big portable tent for Bas and his family. It takes them more than 30 minutes to put up the whole tent. Meanwhile, Shaun brings their small tent that can accommodate two persons only where kids love to play around, inside, and out.
our new found friends here in Oman
At about 10:00 in the evening, my kids and I along with Elle went home ahead and bid farewell to Bas and his family. I am so thankful for the warmness and friendliness of the couple and their little children. I hope to meet them once again and perhaps plan a camping trip for our family.

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